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The First Term Uniform Test 2019 – 2020

The First Term Uniform Test will be held from late October to early November 2019.  Your child will be informed of the syllabus for each subject by their subject teacher.

To facilitate revision, unless otherwise stated, no co-curricular activities will be held during the uniform test period.  Please advise your child to go home immediately or go to the school library after school for revision.

Please remind your child to be punctual for their tests; no extra time will be given to latecomers.  In case of sick leave application, a medical certificate together with a parent’s letter must be submitted to the General Office on the day your child resumes school.  Make-up uniform tests will ONLY be given to absentees who can provide the school with sound evidence.  Marks obtained from the make-up assessments will be reduced by 20%.  All absentees must attend the make-up uniform test on the day assigned by the school.  Failure to do so will result in a zero mark for the paper.  Absentees who cannot provide sound evidence will also be given a zero mark for the paper.

If your child wishes to apply for special arrangements in uniform tests or examinations, they should hand in an application letter to their class teacher on or before Thursday, 17 October 2019.  Late applications will not be considered.  The application will be valid throughout this academic year.  For enquiries, please contact Ms. On-ki HUI at 2345-4567.


Please advise your child to make the best use of their time to prepare for the uniform test.

I wish Pooikeinians all the best in the coming test!

Yours sincerely,
William Lee




    上學期統測將於二零一九年十月底至十一月初舉行。有關是次測驗範圍,將由各科任老師於課堂內向 貴子弟宣佈。

    除特別通告外,於統一測驗期間,所有聯課活動均會暫停。請敦促  貴子弟在放學後立即回家或到學校的圖書館溫習。

    請提醒  貴子弟準時應考,遲到者將不獲補額外的測驗時間 貴子弟於測驗期間因病缺席請於回校時家長信及醫生證明文件提交至校務處。學校只會為已提交所需文件的學生安排補測,而學生的分數將會按百分之八十折算。學生必須按學校訂定的時間完成補測,如學生未能依時應考,該科成績將會被計算為零分缺席者如未能如期遞交合理申請,將會被視作無故缺席,有關試卷會被計算為零分

    如需申請特別測驗安排,請將申請書於 2019 10 17 日﹝星期四﹞或之前交予班主任,逾期申請將不獲考慮。此申請的有效期為本學年。如有查詢,請致電2345-4567與許安琪老師聯絡。

    請督促 貴子弟善用時間,努力溫習,以爭取理想成績。




校長  李建鋒

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