Moral & Civic Education


以我賣旗及社福護老服務的經驗,明白受助者不只需要一次性義工服務。很榮幸得到Mr Ray Hon推薦,參與沙田區學大使計劃。其獨特之處是與同學一手負責籌備至探訪活動,且有多次義工服務。本年度我的主要對象為弱能人士。

第一次服務比較難忘,畢竟有些緊張。一開始以為所設計大電視遊戲不好玩,所以他們不太投入。後來才知大聲重複遊戲規則,確保他們完全明白,才能投入遊戲。 要理解服務對象的真正需要需要細心觀察及經驗累積。

The Ninth Batch of Shatin Ambassadors scheme a full year Scheme that allow us to organize community services for the needy. Via this scheme, my team hopes to show love and care and raise the public awareness of the group that is often neglected – the mentally challenged.

Every social group has its own needs but the segregation in education and health care often puts a label on them.

I learned to become mature and stay positive. Sometimes overthink and things often got complicated without effective communication. The mentally challenged students taught me when taking a step back , we will find a whole new world. With all the energy saved, I can be more dedicated to serve others and connect with the society.

SPKC dedicates to train students as servant leaders. 

Learn more about the exposure we provide: 

  • Posters with Bible scriptures
  • Heartfelt sharing by principals’, teachers’, students’ sharing, e.g.
    > 培基好人好事
    > More assembly sharing, etc. 
  • Lunchtime forums on social issues
    > Integrated Humanities Forums
    > Liberal Studies Forums
    > Cross-curriculum Forums, etc. 
  • Reading Period: articles chosen by subject departments
  • Organizing visits, e.g.
    > City Forum
    > Legislative Council
    > The High Court, etc. 
  • Organizing activities to cultivate harmonious campus atmosphere, e.g. 
    > Thanks-giving activities
    > Most Caring Class award, etc. 
  • Flag-raising ceremony
  • Exhibitions
    > 918 Incident
    > June 4th Incident, etc.
  • Rotary Interact Club
  • Community & Flag-selling Services 
  • Emergency fund-raising or donation campaigns
  • Class Social Service Ambassadors
  • Charity Dress Special Day
  • Food donation program
  • AYP program 
  • “I Can Fly” by Cathay Pacific
  • Talks
    > Getting to know minorities & refugees
    > by honourable guests, e.g. Mr Kevin Lau (ex-chief-editor of MingPao), etc.
  • Practising elections in choosing student leaders and representatives
    > Student Union
    > Committee of 4 houses, etc.
  • School policy forums 
  • Green Christmas 
  • Straw-free, disposable-utensil-free tuck shop
  • Donation of reusable items, e.g.
    > red packets
    > moon cake tins
  • Energy-efficient classrooms
  • Horticulture Club