Our Curriculum

To align with curriculum reforms, our school has adopted the principle of incorporating learning:

  • A professionally structured English curriculum and adopting innovative methodologies in a uniquely designed English learning environment, we hope to inspire in our students great enthusiasm to raise students’ English competence to meet international standards. 
  • School-based Integrated Humanities & Liberal Studies courses develop students’ sense of social responsibility as a member of the community and a global citizen. 
  • Music and Arts curriculum shifts from traditional didactic teaching to performance and exhibition-oriented learning outcome.
  • PSSE course embraces the elements of moral building, emotional quotient training and spiritual education, which cultivates a virtuous life.  
  • The Direct Subsidy Scheme allows us to a flexible curriculum design, small group teaching and provide more elective subjects to achieve diversified and intensive learning.
  • Extensive facilities, e.g. Black Box Theatre, Fitness Center, Future Classroom, MC2 Media Center, etc., provide students a second-to-none learning experience.   
  • From interest clubs to services, from classroom learning to LEWOWA, we keep pace with the advocacy of multiple intelligences, for our students to explore their potentials. 
  • Allied with Shatin Alliance, Stewards Social Services and other overseas organizations like Breakthrough as our collaborative partners, to encourage effective discipline and counseling, in a caring and loving Christian community. 
  • Generic IT skills and digital competence are crucial to the future generation to analyze information and acquire knowledge beyond classrooms. 
  • The pursuit of language competence, global competence and critical thinking ensure students’ vision and resilience in face of challenges. 
  • Global education cultivates knowledge, compassion and collaboration. 
  •  Moral teaching based on the Holy Bible promotes righteousness and integrity.
  • We encourage students to step out of the comfort zone and to stretch their potentials within the school’s safe environment.
  • Versatile opportunities are provided for students to learn about collaboration, leadership. 
  • Comprehensive award & scholarship schemes recognize students’ hard work. Meanwhile, enhancement courses, counselling support, along with a loving and caring school atmosphere equip students with self-assurance.
  • Small group teaching, tailored syllabus, graded exercises and assessments allow students build confidence while striving for i+1 in learning progress. 
  • Early exploration of students’ aesthetic talents  nurturing music and sports talents. 
  • School-based career lessons to provide guidance to self knowledge and further paths. Career counselling are provided to all senior form students. 
  •  Educational talks and briefings for parents to enforce school-parent collaboration. 

Junior & Senior curriculum

Chinese Language*, English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Humanities, Chinese History*, Integrated Science, Putonghuaì, Information & Communication Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education* and Personal, Social & Spiritual Education*

(*Conducted in Cantonese, ìconducted in Putonghua) 

Chinese Language*, English Language, Mathematics, History, Geography, Chinese History*, Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology modules), Business Fundamentals, PutonghuaìInformation & Communication Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education* and  Personal, Social & Spiritual Education*

(*Conducted in Cantonese, ìconducted in Putonghua) 

Core subjects: Chinese Language*, English Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies*

Electives: History, Geography, Chinese History*, Mathematics (M2), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business, Accounting & Financial Studies, Literature in English, Information & Communication Technology, Visual Arts*

General Education: Physical Education* and  Personal, Social & Spiritual Education*

(*Conducted in Cantonese