Exchange students

“One’s destination 

is never a place, 

but a new way of 

seeing things.” 
                                                                                   – Henry Miller

Exchange students from SPKC

Similar to our philosophy for Learning without Walls, we believe that traveling can broaden the mind and open intellectual understanding and awareness. Our Exchange programme cultivates students to be independent and exposes them to  cultural diversity. This leaves an indelible footprint in their life journey.

Exchange students at SPKC

It is never easy for a foreign student to try to integrate themselves into Hong Kong school life. However in recent years, we are proud to be recognized  [ by our partner in student exchange, the American Field Service], as one of the most caring schools and best destinations for exchange students.  In recent years, our inbound exchange students have come from all around the world.

Gabbie Chu has returned from Spain! Let’s watch her sharing!