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Providing Quality Christian Education

Our committed Christian teachers, school chaplain, pastors from the Abundance Grace Church, SPKC’s partner church dedicate to cultivate a good Christian atmosphere and an active Christian community.

† Personal, Social & Spiritual Education, a  school-based curri-culum that explores how the Christian faith could be applied in a personal and a social level. 

† Weekly fellowship (a gather-ing discussing Bible stories, social issues form a Christian perspective) Happy Friday! (a carefree game lunchtime session) provide a platform for us to bond with each other.  

† Teachers share their stories and testimonies through Spiritual Moment and Friday Worship.

† Spiritual Ambassadors and Student Worship Team

†  SPKC Christian Family Meeting 

† Evangelical meetings and sermons 

3-C Mission 

Care: Fellowship aims to cultivate caring relationship among peers and Christian, providing support and mentorship.

Conversion: Fellowship is a platform to share the Gospel. We are committed to winning students to Christ and building them up in faith.

ChurchFellowship with churches is crucial in strengthening spiritual health. Students are encouraged to join churches and involve in church-life.

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