SPKC offers over 70 teams, clubs and special programmes covering physical, intellectual, aesthetic, moral and civic and school service. 
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Student leaders in the executive committees of the Student Union, the 4 Houses, Music Association, Sports Association, CCA Teams and Clubs are required to attend the scheme which aims to explore their leadership potential, enrich their knowledge and experience, by enhancing team-building and administrative skills. Workshops, camps, sharing sessions, training courses, etc. are offered throughout the School Year focusing on mission and vision building, critical-thinking, problem-solving, creativity, planning and evaluation, time management, communication and conflict resolution, etc.


With all the schoolmates as witnesses, student leaders take an oath in the inauguration ceremony to embark their journey as role models and facilitators in school. This is a grand occasion reminds the leaders to stay determined and selfless when serving schoolmates.


Outstanding Teams & Clubs are eligible to the title of Best School Teams.
Individuals are eligible to All-round Development Scholarship & Outstanding CCA / OLE Performance Scholarship. SPKC also provides Student Activity Subsidies to families with financial needs.


Prefects are the role models of Pooikeinians. They are all-rounded Pooikeinians with excellent academic records, excellent conduct grades and the high self-esteem. All prefects should be able to recite the team motto which is to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God. In prefect’s every day duties, they are expected to maintain school discipline every day so that all Pooikeinians can learn in a harmonious and safe school campus. In fact, Head Prefects are the bridge between the school management and the Pooikeinians for the betterment of school’s disciplinary policies. Carrying the firm and caring icons, prefects are invited to serve in all important school events such as Admission Briefing Days, S1 Bridging Program, Parents’ Day, Athletics Meets, Speech Day, etc. Prefects’ passion and contribution to SPKC are highly recognised.