SPKC Multi-Media Unit

The Multi-Media Unit (MMU) was set up at SPKC in order to put the power of information technology into the hands of a group of enthusiastic and capable students. We are building our own professional film and post-production crew by providing students with professional equipment. The MMU serves as a stepping stone for further education and career opportunities. Our main broadcasting channel, SPKC Channel, aims to equip students with global vision and life-long learning skills by producing various educational programmes such as Fun English, Global Minutes and To Be a Scientist. We also produce programmes discussing hot issues and highlight videos of major school functions in order to enhance our students’ sense of belonging to the school.

Being a pioneer in creative media for secondary students, the Media Creative Centre was set up in 2018 to be the largest information delivery platform at SPKC. With its cutting-edge facilities, the centre is also an outlet to channel students’ creative energy into diversified multimedia productions.