Characteristics of our EMI curriculum

We believe English competency opens a whole wide world


The integration of interesting teaching conducted by our Native English Teachers and international exchange programs creates a quality and authentic English learning environment, which contributes an effective and enjoyable learning process.

SPKC provides students with quality English language education in and out of the classroom. The small class teaching policy in our school enables our teachers to cater for learner diversity and maximize students’ potential.

English Zone

In addition, English Zone plays a crucial role in E.M.I. in which students thoroughly delve into English atmosphere. It serves as a medium for students and teachers to exchange ideas on an academic basis.

The homey environment of English Zone is the highlight in which students would be able to exchange ideas views with teachers and peers. Our English Debate Team utilizes English Zone for practice. We are proudly to announce that our Debate Team has accomplished remarkable results, taking the crown in various debate competitions over the traditional schools.

English Zone is a venue to nurture students with professional English and in a daily basis context. English is vital to cope with the challenges encountering in the rapid changing  globalized world. Our NET teachers equip our students with useful English and generic skills, facilitate the development of students from individual strengths to intellectual excellence. They are more than happy to offer help to our students in academic strategies and sharing their life exposure in their home country in broadening the horizon of our students.