One to One iPad Learning Programme

Using information technology is a growing trend in the professional and educational worlds. In 2012, SPKC started to integrate IT components into our lessons and implement the “iPad Pilot Programme” – each student of the selected classes is given one iPad to be used as a daily learning tool inside the school campus until the end of the term. In 2017, it was remarkable that our school launched “One to One iPad Learning Programme” – all S1 students bring their own iPads to school such that learning can be occurred everywhere and anytime.

Today, all S1 and S2 students participate in the “One to One iPad Learning Programme” and two classes from S3 participate in the “iPad Pilot Programme” as the pioneer.

Why does SPKC develop e-learning?

Information technology changes how people work and communicate in the 21st century.  It enhances the effectiveness of learning and teaching, classroom interaction as well as students’ ability in self-directed learning, problem-solving and collaboration. To equip our students to face the changes and increase the efficiency of teaching and learning, there is an ongoing implementation and development in e-learning on our campus, providing an optimal technological environment and infusing with digital learning tools.

How does SPKC prepare for this new learning trend?

SPKC has purchased more than 200 iPads for e-teaching and e-learning. AppleTV, which can be used to stream the video signal from iOS devices, are installed in all function rooms and classrooms. Projector panels are also installed to make its uses more user-friendly. The whole campus is connected with the high-speed WiFi network to suit the increasing needs. All teachers and students have hand-on experience in e-learning, and we are all benefited from the iPads and better IT environment.
Technological advancement provides SPKC with new opportunities to engage learners and increases our flexibility in the delivery of our curriculum. The use of different devices and a variety of subject-related applications (mobile or web-based) has become an integrated part in teaching and learning.

What is SPKC doing now?

Collaborative learning is so important for teaching and learning. Students can learn to discuss with others and work on a problem or question together. In the English lessons, students do work, edit and share their ideas by using Google Slides.

Flipped learning, a new pedagogical approach, creates a flexible environment and a positive learning culture in which students can benefit the most from the lesson time. Different e-platforms (i.e. Youtube and Mathspace) are commonly used in the Mathematics lessons. Students can choose when and where they learn, and make use of the in-class time to clarify their misunderstandings and explore topics in a greater depth.

Kahoot! is an interactive and free game-based learning platform to learn. Many of our teachers use it for the assessment for learning and the assessment of learning. Students can have fun while they are learning in the lessons.

iPad and Apple Pencil bring the digital art up to the same level as analog art. In the Visual Arts lessons, students use Sketches to complete their design and make beautiful drawings. Students also use iPad as a tool to do research for their masterpiece.

Mr. Jimmy Tse, the Head of IT Committee, is introducing our e-Campus to the S1 parents in the Parents’ Training Workshop. Different applications such as e-Class and Parent MDM are also introduced in the workshop. It is hoped that the workshop can help parents.