15 th anniversary

   Since our establishment in 2004, Stewards Pooi Kei College has matured. This school was blessed with passionate and devoted pioneers. These dreamers, as perplexed as they might be, put pieces together and kept the school running. A little more than a decade, we have built a known image as a vibrant school with innovation and faith embraced by the culture of love and care.

SPKC has checked many milestones in betterment of both hardware and software. With 15 years of dedication, we believe the 15th anniversary is a time to celebrate our fruits. The 15th anniversary logo is a crystal – symbolizing the manifestation of our hard work and vision. With God’s guidance, we believe this crystal will be able to sail further and continue to bring positive changes to students and their families. As the scripture of goes, 

“All this is for your benefit,
so that the grace that is reaching more and more people
may cause thanks-giving to overflow to the glory of God.”
                                                                                  (2 Corinthians 4:15) 

   What’s a birthday without a cake? On 15th November, selected students were invited to join a cake cutting ceremony at recess time. Schoolmates were treated with a lunch time student orchestra concert in the Red Brick Area and a surprise ice-cream truck. Current students and staff have contributed their pictures as blessings to the school and it was showcased on the Pooikeinians’ Wall, a 8.8x3m mural outside canteen.

  We tie in the 15th anniversary theme with our Open Days cum Admission Briefing days and Athletic Meet. During the Open Days, over 40 game stalls were held over 400 students helpers had participated in this event to bring an educational and festive experience to visitors. Visitors could participate in a range of activities – from fine arts to virtual reality, from throwing rings to a test of Chinese proverbs and idioms, etc. We have a record-breaking of over 6,000 visitors in two days. Pooikeinians truly show our pride as a good host. On the other hand, our 15th Anniversary Athletic Meet has involved parents, alumni to compete with students in friendly events, not to mention our 15th Anniversary PTA Relay.

   One of our school features, Learning Without Walls, also embarked a new stage of explorers’ enthusiasm. We launched a pilot scheme – 14 chosen programs were given extra resources to develop comprehensive pre-trip workshops or tasks to extend the learning objective across the second term. The programs were successful and received high praises which served as a demonstration of the full potential of this school-based curriculum.

   SPKC would not be great without the devotion of our early generations. Our finale, Home Coming cum Alumni Day welcomed all past Pooikenians – staff & students. The year of 2009 also opened the time capsules they buried when they were in S5. It gave this Home Coming a strong nostalgic sentiment.


   A 15th Anniversary Year Book was published by the end of school year to capture the excitement and joyful moments of Pooikeinians. A brief history of our school can also be found in the almanac.


   Last but not least, our principal Mr Peter Yuen is retiring. We expressed our gratitude farewell events for his gentle demeanor and selfless support to everyone. We wish Mr Yuen and SPKC would enjoy an even more fruitful 15 years to come.