S1 Admission

2023/24 Secondary 1 Admission Application (Final Batch)

Notes for Applicants

  1. Documents Required 

    (a)    The completed S1 Admission Application Form (Final Batch) with one recent student photo

    (b)    Both original and copy of the Applicant’s HKID Card or other identity documents

    (c)    Both original and copy of the “Secondary School Places Allocation” Admission Slip

    (d)    Both originals and copies of all School Reports from Primary 4 to 6

    (e)    Both originals and copies of recommendation letters, certificates of awards or extra-curricular activities (if any)

    (f)    Application fee of HK$50 in cash (ONLY for candidates selected for written test)

  2. Application Submission

    (a)    The Application Form can be collected from the School General Office or downloaded here.

    (b)    Please submit the required documents in person to the School during the admission period from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday 11 July 2023.

  3. Admission Criteria

    (a)    Applicants should have grade B or above in conduct in each school term from Primary 4 to 6. Students who cannot meet this requirement will not be considered.

    (b)    Admission criteria of the School are primarily based on the applicant’s academic achievements, conduct, performance in extra-curricular activities, written test and interview performance.

  4. Reservation Fee

    A reservation fee of cash HK$800 and a cheque of HK$1,944, which will become the school fee of the first month of 2023/24, will be collected upon your acceptance of the S1 place offered by the School right after the interview. The reservation fee is non-refundable in any circumstances.

  5. Fee Remission
    Students from families receiving the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA), students receiving financial assistance provided by the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (Student Finance Office) are eligible for school fee remission. Other students with financial needs may also apply. Details of SPKC Student Financial Assistance and Scholarship Scheme are available here. For further information, please contact the General Office.
  6. Enquiry
    For enquiries, please contact our General Office.
    Phone : 2345-4567
    Email : admission@spkc.edu.hk


  1. 所需文件

    (a)    填妥之中一入學申請表(最後階段)(貼上學生近照一張)

    (b)    申請人之香港身份證或其他身份證明文件正本及副本

    (c)    「中學學位分配」入學註冊證正本及副本

    (d)    小學四年級、五年級及六年級各學期成績表正本及副本

    (e)    推薦信、獎狀、課外活動證書等正本及副本(如有)

    (f)    報名費現金港幣五十元正(獲選參加筆試者適用)

  2. 遞交申請

    (a)  申請表格可於本校校務處索取或按此下載。

    (b)    請於二零二三年七月十一日(星期二)上午八時三十分至下午三時正親臨本校遞交所需文件。

  3. 甄選準則

    (a)    申請人小學四年級、五年級及六年級各學期之操行必須為乙或以上,操行未能達到本校要求者將不獲考慮。

    (b)    入學申請按學生之學業成績、操行、課外活動、筆試和面試表現進行甄選。

  4. 留位費
  5. 學費減免
  6. 查詢
    電話: 23454567
    電郵: admission@spkc.edu.hk