2024/25 Secondary 1 Admission Application

Notes for Applicants


  1.  2024/25 S1 admissions application has been closed.

  2. The first round of interview will be held in January 2024. Selected applicants will be notified by email one week before the interview. You may also check your child’s admission progress from the online admission system.

  1. Admission criteria of the School are primarily based on the applicant’s academic achievements, conduct, performance in extra-curricular activities and interview performance.
  2. Students from families receiving the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA), students receiving financial assistance provided by the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (Student Finance Office) are eligible for school fee remission. Other students with financial needs may also apply. Details of SPKC Student Financial Assistance and Scholarship Scheme are available here. For further information, please contact the General Office.



  1. 本校二零二四/二五年度中一學位現已截止申請。

  2. 首輪面試將於二零二四年一月進行,獲選之申請人將於面試前一星期透過電郵收到面試通知書。閣下亦可隨時透過本校的網上系統查閱申請進度。
  3. 入學申請按學生之學業成績、操行、課外活動和面試表現進行甄選。
  4. 來自領取綜合社會保障援助(綜援)家庭的學生、領取在職家庭及學生資助事務處﹝學生資助處﹞財政資助的學生均可獲學費減免;其他有需要的學生亦可申請。請按此查閱有關本校獎助學金計劃的詳情。如欲進一步查詢,請聯絡本校校務處。