‘Wise Net’ School Recognition Award


Our school is honoured to receive the recognition award from the ‘Wise NET’ School Recognition Scheme 2020 by the Guidance and Discipline Section of the Education Bureau. ‘Wise NET’ School Recognition Award endorses a school’s effort on promoting safe and caring use of Information Technology. Nurturing students’ digital citizenships involve the active participation from the school, teachers, parents and students. 

On behalf of the school, our Discipline Mistress, Ms Karis Kam, received the award on 3rd February 2021. 

Promoting cybersecurity is one key focuses. Indeed, our school invited Sergeant Florence Chow, who is also School Liaison Officer of the Hong Kong Police Force at Shatin District, as the guest speaker in a form assembly to enhance our students’ media literacy and promote the healthy use of the Internet. With case studies, her talk enriched our students’ awareness of prevention of cybercrime.

Thanks to our school’s IT department, computer literacy teachers, class teachers, IT prefects and parents for working together to cultivate Pooikeinians’ digital citizenship.