Visitors from Hong Kong Children’s Hospital


The SPKC Rotary Interact Club was thrilled to host a play date for visitors from the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital on April 13, 2024. The visitors enjoyed chatting with our members and liked our school’s warm atmosphere.

They played table tennis, badminton, and “Reaction Light” with our members. The activities brought excitement to everyone on that sunny Saturday afternoon.

Visitors of all ages quickly responded to the “Reaction Light” game. The hall was filled with laughter.

One of the reaction games played was called “FlexiGlow”, which was created by our SPKC RIC members. They dedicated their entire Easter Holiday to learn and complete “FlexiGlow” at the MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node.

Although modifications can still be made, the visitors found it fun and exciting.

Impressed by the design and the reasonings behind it, the nurse and the doctor have provided some suggestions to our members for further refining “FlexiGlow” with the intention of potentially using it in the hospital in the future. Our members are eager to make improvements to the set, with the goal of benefiting others.

The school’s 20th anniversary motto, “Blessed to be a Blessing,” embodies the concept of taking action and making a positive impact in the community. We eagerly anticipate hosting another play date with the visitors soon.