The Inter-house Volleyball Competition


To promote the involvement of non-school team members, we opened the competition to all students who are interested in volleyball. This provided more opportunities for non-school team players to showcase their skills and talents. Furthermore, to ensure active participation from non-school students, as well as school team members, we encouraged them to collaborate and enjoy the matches together.

In addition to the competition itself, we are committed to providing comprehensive training on volleyball rules and game knowledge to all teachers and students. Our aim is to enhance everyone’s understanding and interest in volleyball.

Organizing high-quality tournaments is essential in attracting the participation and viewership of both teachers and students. We are dedicated to arranging thrilling and engaging competitions that encourage broader student involvement and foster exchange and cooperation among teachers and students.


Lastly, we would like to extend our congratulations to all the awardees. We have presented “The Most Valuable Player” award to recognize outstanding players. Our goal is to cultivate a vibrant sports culture among our school community and foster an environment that promotes sportsmanship and teamwork.


Final results:

Champion – Priest

1st runner up – King 

2nd runner up – Christ

The Winner of the MVP –
KOK Chun Kwan Oscar (5H10)

Congratulations to all prize winners!