The Inter-Class Soccer Competition


This competition aims to help enhance students’ soccer skills as well as to consolidate their class spirit by doing their best.
All participates represent their class to strive for excellence. Team spirit and the sense of belonging have always been part of the keys for them to overcome the difficulties in the competitions.
Congratulation to those awardees, they are so blessed to win the game. All of them enjoyed the game and gained fruitful experience.
All Stars Game held for S.6 students’ team vs Alumnus and Teachers’ team as enhancement of relationship among Pooikeinians.
Thanks to Mr. Alex Ng (PE teacher) and Sports Association Committee for their effort and time to organize and coordinate such meaningful activity for us.
All Stars Game (Mr Hing Lok Leung, Mr. Kelly Chan ,Mr. Alex Ng, alumnus and S.6 students)
Opening Ceremony (with principal Yuen )
Players showing respect before and after match.
Showing class spirit
Grade A : 2nd runner up : 5 Faith
Grade A : 1st runner up : 5 Love
Grade A : Champion : 5 Peace
Grade A : Golden Boot Awardee_ Marco Cheung (5P 4) Goals:11
Grade B : 2nd runner up : 4 Joy
Grade B : 1st runner up : 3 Joy
Grade B : Champion : 3 Faith
Grade B : Golden Boot Awardee_ Jeffery Lai (3F 13) Goals:6
Grade C : 2nd runner up : 2 Joy
Grade C : 1st runner up : 2 Love
Grade C : Champion : 2 Peace
Grade C : Golden Boot Awardee_ KONG Chin Wang (2P 11) YIU Chi Leong (2P 32) Goals:2
Sports Association members dedicated to organize the Inter-class Soccer Competition for Pooikeinians.