The 4th Speech Day(2012)


The Speech Day this year was so special because for the first and perhaps the last time, we have two graduating classes, making it a very joyful and lively celebration. We wish all graduates success and always maintain the SPKC spirit; to become an educated person, who upholds themselves with good values, and to do good deeds for those around us while giving glory and honor to the Lord our God.
We were joined by our honored guests such as our Special Consultant (Student Development & Parent Ed.), Dr. Philemon Choi, School Acting Supervisor Ms. Rosa Pang, Mr. Jimmy Chiu CEO of the Stewards and more.
The acting supervisor, Ms. Rosa Pang delivered a speech for the graduates.
Our Principal, Mr. Peter Yuen, mentioned the achievements of SPKC in this academic year.
Dr. Philemon Choi congratulated our graduates for their achievements.
As the students received their graduation certificates from Dr. Philemon Choi, it also signified the end of their school lives in SPKC.
Mr. Jimmy Chiu, the CEO of the Stewards, presented prizes to the graduates.
Anna Ho (6 Faith) delivered her Valedictory speech.
6 FAITH 何綽忻同學代表畢業生致詞。
The Passing of the Light Ceremony represented the SPKC values which will be passed on to the next generations.
12 teachers and 2 supporting staff were presented the “Five-year Service Award”
The School Choir performed a song “Friends of Life” for the graduates to express their blessings to the big brothers and sisters
Graduates took photos with teachers after the ceremony.
This was not our first Speech Day, but it was meaningful to us. This ceremony not only means the completion of educational mission, but also reflects God’s blessings in the past several years. It is wished that SPKC will have more graduates and will be experiencing abundant grace from God in the years to come.