Sweden Study Trip


Developing student’s global vision is one of our school’s missions. To achieve this goal, teachers have to be equipped with a global vision first, we seize every opportunity to broaden our perspectives. 

Principal Lee, Mr. Simon Leung, Head of the Global Education & LEWOWA Committee, and Mr. Roy Lam, Head of the Career and Life Planning Committee participated in an educational trip organized by the Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council (DSSSC) to Stockholm, Sweden from 28 April to 7 May.


The group of teachers attended a seminar on the introduction to Sweden’s education system and visited 7 schools including a school using English as the medium of instruction, two Christian schools, one Catholic school, two music schools, and a school providing special education to students with hearing problems. The school visits provided us valuable opportunities to learn from the school administrators, attend lessons, and chat with the teachers and students.


The Swedish education system is known for its strong emphasis on equality and accessibility. It is a comprehensive and public-funded system that provides education for all children from the age of six, regardless of their background or ability. There are no fees for tuition at all levels of studies, and students are provided with free textbooks and other educational resources.

Introduction to Sweden Education system


With the connections made with the schools in Sweden, online culture exchange programmes can be arranged in the next school years. The experience of the Sweden educators on whole-person development has inspired us in our curriculum development. SPKC shares the same value as we offer diversified learning opportunities in Pooikeinian’s Future Academy (PFA) programmes and Learning Without Walls (LEWOWA) programmes. The praising culture reminds us to keep a positive mindset to excavate student’s strengths, so as to build up students’ confidence in learning.

Besides, there are over twenty educators from more than ten DSS schools joining this tour, and a lot of professional dialogue took place among us. Through meaningful and collaborative conversations, educators engage in continuous learning, sharing insights, and refining our teaching and school management practices. This dialogue fosters a culture of growth, innovation, and collective expertise, ultimately benefiting both educators and students alike.


The precious experience has widened our horizons and provided us with more ideas for school development.