Supporting Staff Development Day 2016


The 2nd Supporting Staff Development Day was held successfully on 16 August 2016. We value the professional development of our supporting staff as well as our teaching staff. This annual practice aims to equip our supporting staff with professional knowledge, to increase their capability in handling school crisis and to understand the latest education trend in Hong Kong.
This year, the Development Day includes an emergency drill and the visit to Science Park.
Emergency Drill
This drill aims to prepare our staff to response to unexpected incidents efficiently according to the Guidelines for Handling Emergency Cases.
The scenario is that a student (played by Mr. Howard Ip) was suddenly unconscious at the canteen and his classmate (Ms. Yoyo Wong) asked a janitor who was working in the canteen for help. The janitor contacted General Office immediately and a male staff came to the scene to initially assess the situation.
Once General Office learned the situation, a staff with first-aid training went to check the condition of the injured student and then reported back to General Office. At the same time, General Office reported the situation to the Principal and made a quick decision to call the ambulance.
General Office then contacted the Discipline Master (played by Mr. Daniel Lau) and Class Teacher (played by Ms. Ronny Cheung) of the student. Discipline Master went to the scene and assessed the situation. General Office also contacted the parent of the student and informed her of the condition of her child.
In order to control the crowd, Vice-principal Mr. William Lee made an announcement to the whole school asking students and class teachers to go to their homerooms.
Staff of General Office and Security Guard went to the Redbrick Area to make sure there is a clear way for the ambulance to enter the school campus and car park.
Paramedics (played by Mr. William Lee) arrived the site. Our staff explained the whole incident and the condition of the injured student. Then our staff accompanied the injured student to get on the ambulance and went to the hospital.
General Office contacted the parent of the student again, reported the update information and asked the parent to meet up with our staff at the hospital.
Observers (Mr. Samuel Chan and Ms. Rachel Lau) checked whether our staff have responded the incident according to the Guidelines throughout the drill. Afterwards, a debriefing was conducted for all supporting staff and the observers reported their findings.
Tour of Science Park
To build team spirit and learn more about sustainable living and I.T. development, the school has arranged lunch and a tour at the Science Park in the afternoon.
We went to see a few buildings that deploy sustainable features in terms of architectural elements and technology to reduce the amount of energy they used. For example, the building has double layer of windows so as to keep the indoor temperature low during the summer. Some ceilings and walls are made of glass so as to let natural sunlight to enter the offices.
Street lamps are planted on the ground to light up the pavement. It can save more than half of the energy than the lights hang on the ceiling.
Another part of the tour is to learn the development trend of Information Technology and explore the possibility of I.T. campus development. We visited the exhibition of Professor Charles K. Kao and learned the significance of fiber optic communications.
At last, we would like to thank Ms. Jennifer Cheng, Mr. Daniel Lau, Ms. Janet Yeung and Ms. Ronny Cheung for organizing the Supporting Staff Development Day; Mr. Howard Ip, Ms. Rachel Lau, Ms. Yoyo Wong and Mr. Samuel Chan for assisting the Emergency Drill; Mr. Kevin Ma for taking photos and videos on that day.