Student Leaders Inauguration Ceremony (2016 – 2017)


The Student Leaders Inauguration Ceremony was held on 31 Oct 2016. All the student leaders from the newly established student units, including Student Union, Prefect Team, House Committees (Saviour, Priest, King and Christ), Sports Association and Music Association, received their badges and took their oaths on the stage. These signified the importance of their duties in SPKC. As the badge holders, they swore on the Bible in front of the teachers and schoolmates that they would make every endeavor to fulfill their responsibilities and would be the role models of all Pooikeinian.
「學生領袖就職典禮」已於2016年10月31日順利舉行。學生會、領袖生、四社(Saviour, Priest, King and Christ)、體育聯會和音樂聯會的學生領袖,於當天獲授領袖徽章,並在神和人面前宣誓就職,承諾竭力履行職責,成為同學模範。
Representatives from other School Service Teams were also introduced to the stage as recognition of their serving roles in SPKC.
當日也介紹了 學校其他服務隊伍,以肯定他們對學校的貢獻。
We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Honourable guests of the ceremony – Sergeant Wong Kam Keung (The School Liaison Officer of Hong Kong Police Force) and our alumnus Mr. Cheng Chun Leung Michael. Michael shared his experience as a Hong Kong Olympic Athlete of windsurfing. At the end of the speech, he encouraged all Pooikeinians to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.
The ceremony marked the start of duties of all student leaders in SPKC in this academic year.
Principal Yuen was presenting badges to Student Union.
Oath-taking by Student Union.
Oath-taking by Prefect Team.
Our honorable guest, Sergeant Wong Kam Keung, with Prefect Team
Our Vice-principal, Ms. Cindy Yuen, with 4 House Committees
Our Head of Student Affairs, Mr. Samuel Lui, with Sports Association and Music Association
Student representatives of School Service Teams
Our alumnus, Mr. Michael Cheung, was sharing his experience as a Hong Kong Olympic Athlete of windsurfing.