Stewards Flag-selling Day 2023


To support Stewards, the sponsoring body of our school, the students and parents of SPKC actively participated in the Stewards Flag-selling Day, which was successfully held on October 7, 2023.

“Blessed to be a blessing” is the theme of our 20th anniversary. Instead of being a slogan, it is an action taken by our Pooikeinians. On that day, Pooikeinians demonstrated their caring and compassionate nature, extending a helping hand to those in need within our society by selling flags. Engaging in this invaluable experience enabled our students to make a tangible difference and instilled a deep sense of civic responsibility and a profound connection to our community.

The students actively engaged in the meaningful flag-selling day.

Pooikeinians, including the principals and teachers, demonstrated their love and care for people in need in our society through this meaningful service.

The students were delighted as all the flags were sold out!

May the needy in our society be blessed with generous donations through Stewards!