Staff Retreat 2023


On Staff Retreat this year, all teachers had a fruitful day at The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course.

In the morning, they altogether sang Christian hymns to kick off the day.

Various group games were organized to help new teachers get to know more about their new colleagues and the working culture of our school.

In the discussion section, teachers were put in different common scenarios related to student’s behaviors. Every one had a chance to share their experience, strategies and measures on how to handle the situations well, with professional comments given by teachers of Value Education Committee.

In the afternoon section, despite the hot weather, teachers enjoyed the signature activity, playing golf, on a wide field of grass land, which connects the sea and the clear sky. 

In driving range, teachers in the school became students in the golf course. They did their best to mimic the postures of the coach, with an aim to shoot the ball to beyond 50 meters. 

Teachers gradually gained more confidence from more practices. In the putting green competition, Mr Alfred Chan sent the golf ball closest to the hole, he was declared the winner!

Staff Retreat had been an extraordinary day! It not only kicked off the new academic year, but was also a day of professional development for all of our teachers.