School Award in 2023-2024 Digital Stock Trading Guru Inter-School Competition


A team of four secondary 5 BAFS students participated in the Digital Stock Trading Guru Inter-School Competition 2023-2024 organized by IFEC. The Competition aims to provide students with knowledge in stock investing and financial planning through online simulation games and develop the right attitudes towards investment. The Competition consists of two Qualifying Rounds and a Final Contest.

The team advanced to the Final Contest, ranking among the top 20 in the Qualifying Round 2. In the Final Contest, our team won the School Award and received a trophy. We were recognized as one of the top 10 schools with the highest overall portfolio values among the 40 participating schools. The team members from our school are as follows:

5H05Chiu Ching Hang
5J05CHEN Tat Yi
5L16Po Cheuk Wang
5P03Chen Tsz Fung