Naming Competition for School Covered Playground


A tall Christian cross, nice acoustics walls, good visual-audio system, and an ivory-white floor—SPKC’s newly renovated covered playground is now open for business.
To celebrate the transformation of the venue, the Christian Education Team had held a school-wide naming competition in early September. The purpose of the competition was to invite students and teachers to pitch names that were both meaningful and interesting for the newly renovated area. The name should be suitable for the purpose of the venue, i.e., Christian activities, PE lessons and assemblies.
Forty-eight names were proposed and the list was reduced to five after the name-selection committee, a group formed by teachers and student representatives, shortlisted the finalists. Ballots were given to students and teachers, and the decision was made.
“Zone D” (Chinese: 興Zone D) was the most-voted name.
The alphabet “D” carries two essential meanings: “Development” and “Disciples”. “Development” refers to both the spiritual and physical development of students and staff, which is the purpose of the venue. “D” also means “disciples”, which is meant to reflect the area’s purpose of nurturing students to be committed Christian leaders, and a life that exemplifies the teachings of Jesus Christ.
The acoustic walls will be useful in creating a perfect environment for students’ activities or seminars.
Apart from the meaning of the name itself, the sound of the name gives a playful flavor to the venue. “Zone D” shares a similar pronunciation with the Putonghua word “brothers” and the name “興Zone D” means the “rising up of Christian brothers”. By the way, “興Zone D” also means “to relax” in Cantonese, which is very appropriate since this venue is used for PE lessons and leisure activities. The school hopes that this venue would be a place for nurturing Christian brothers and sisters, as well as a place for fun and relaxation.
The competition also produced four merit prizewinners. Congratulations to all winners!