Mathematics – Talk on “Puzzles and Graph Theory”


To arouse our Pooikeinians’ interests and enhance their mathematical knowledge, a mathematical talk was held successfully on 7th May, 2018 in our school.
It was our honour to invite Dr Chan Kai Leung, lecturer of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to present a talk on the topic of “Puzzles and Graph Theory” to our junior students. Dr. Chan demonstrated myriads of puzzles and discussed how we can solve all these problems systematically by mathematics. He also provided the fundamental ideas of some advanced mathematics to provoke our students’ thinking. We are glad to see that our students were enlightened and inspired in the talk.
Mr. Leung presented the souvenir to Dr. Chan
Dr. Chan gave an instructive and inspiring lecture to Pooikeians
The Champion Team with their Teacher Advisor, Mr. Dennis Wong
Students participated actively in the talk