Love and Sex Education Week 2015 – 2016


Love and Sex Education Week aims at promoting the concept of “Love is not only about romance”, but can be presented in different forms like kinship, friendship and divine love.
The theme of this year is “Love My Body – it’s not a tool to please others”. Different activities were organized to strengthen students’ relationship with parents, teachers, friends as well as God during the week before Valentine’s Day, helping students understand the biblical perspectives in love and sex relationship as well as promoting chastity.
During the Love and Sex Education Week, assemblies were reserved for the theme-related talks and teacher’s sharing. Related articles were distributed for students’ further information. There were also some lunchtime activities prepared for students, for example,
  • Accessories making 信息手繩編織,
  • Exhibition of S5 PSSE posters 中五學生生命成長科海報展覽,
  • Marshmallow chocolate making 朱古力棉花糖製作and
  • Game booth 攤位遊戲.
Exhibition of S.5 PSSE posters grabbed attention of many students successfully. The posters were well designed and beautifully drawn by S.5 students as part of the S.5 Personal-Social-Spiritual Education (PSSE) curriculum. Students were able to reflect on love and sex relationships from biblical perspectives. Their creativity and effort made the poster exhibition inspiring and captivating.
Through accessories making, students’ awareness towards the importance of loving their body as a gift bestowed by God was aroused. The accessories handmade and worn by them were a sign of chastity which symbolizes how they uphold biblical perspectives of love and sex relationships.
Some game booths which aimed at cultivating love and kindness towards their body were set up. Through the games, students were reminded of the proper attitude and behaviours to stay healthy such as doing regular exercise and having a balanced diet instead of resorting to extreme ways to lose weight at the expenses of their health.
Marshmallow chocolate making brought a perfect end to the Love and Sex Education Week. The marshmallow chocolate made by students were then wrapped in gift bags since they were encouraged to send the gifts as well as the themes of the Love and Sex Education Week printed on the bookmarks to their loved ones.
Besides marshmallow making, the bookmarks with the themes of the Love and Sex Education Week were distributed to all participants of accessories making and games booths. The bookmarks helped spread the themes of the week among students since students were encouraged to give the cards to their friends and families.
In response to the Love and Sex Education Week, morning assembly, weekly assembly and spiritual moments which focus on the same topic were held. Moreover, students were encouraged to express love and gratitude to the their loved ones (parents, teachers, friends) on the SPKC Valentine’s Day (Love in Action 愛心傳遞日).
Professional gave talk to students to promote proper concepts of love and sex
Students make the accessories and send the theme message with the bookmarks.
Prize presentation ceremony of the charity race The Champion: Sports Posters Exhibition presented by S5 PSSE(生命成長科) students with more than 300 students participants.