LEWOWA 2018/19


We are pleased to announce that LEWOWA 2018/19 have completed successfully! Here comes the moments in which our students gained their life-changing experiences outside the classroom.
LEWOWA 1819-01 “Caring Performing Art School”
LEWOWA 1819-02 “MasterChef @ SPKC”
LEWOWA 1819-03 “May Our Dream Come True – Lawyers and Journalists”
LEWOWA 1819-04 “Multi-intelligence Training Scheme”
LEWOWA 1819-05 “Go Go Robot – Get It Work”
LEWOWA 1819-06 “Summer Musical Playhouse”
LEWOWA 1819-08 “Understanding Minorities and Refugees in Hong Kong”
LEWOWA 1819-09 “Teenwalker – Experiencing and Caring the Life of the Social Vulnerable Group”
LEWOWA 1819-10 “Embrace Your Life – SIM JOURNEY”
LEWOWA 1819-11 “Flying Fish – Kayaking LIFE Adventure”
LEWOWA 1819-12 “Outward Bound® Hong Kong – Teen Explorers”
LEWOWA 1819-13 “Rainbow Touch – Holistic Leadership Training Journey”
LEWOWA 1819-14 “Sailing Classroom”
LEWOWA 1819-15 “A Real Life-traveler in Taiwan”
LEWOWA 1819-16 “Academia Without Borders: A Taste of Study and Economic Development in Tokyo”
LEWOWA 1819-17 “Art-shuttle in Taipei Streets and Alleys”
LEWOWA 1819-18 “Beijing: History, Antiquities and Cultural Exchange”
LEWOWA 1819-19 “Cycling for Touching Taiwan”
LEWOWA 1819-20 “Exploring for Beautiful Sichuan (History, Culture and Service Learning)”
LEWOWA 1819-21 “FinTech & Cultural Experience in the Greater Bay Area”
LEWOWA 1819-22 “Horses, Grassland, Stars: a Spiritual Sojourn in Mongolia”
LEWOWA 1819-23 “Japan Life Planning Journey – Tokyo Stage Management Programme”
LEWOWA 1819-24 “Japanese Architecture Across Centuries”
LEWOWA 1819-25 “Seven Lessons from God in Seoul”
LEWOWA 1819-26 “STEAM @ Korea”
LEWOWA 1819-27 “Fiji Life – Community Service Trip in Village”
LEWOWA 1819-28 “From Pictures to Words – The 2nd Travel Journal of Australia”
LEWOWA 1819-29 “Kazakhstan x Uzbekistan: More Than Belt and Road”
LEWOWA 1819-30 “Marvelous History x Maths Trip to Italy”