International Awareness Week 2022


In November 2022, the Global Education and LEWOWA Committee welcomed the much-anticipated return of International Awareness Week (IAW) which was unfortunately suspended since the start of the pandemic. 

This week brought a lot of colors and cultures to our campus with activities during recess, lunchtime and after school. Highlights included the Mobile Intangible Cultural Heritage (非遺專車計劃) stationed for two days, LaLiga Spanish Football Workshops, Spanish Language Games, Global Photo Booth and the Student Union Pooi Kei Fiesta Talent Show which gave students a chance to perform, sing, dance or  listen to music from around the world. 

During all the fun, interesting activities this year, our students have had a chance to meet visitors from around the world. With our our exchange student Ana from Spain, Pooikeinians were learning about different cultures in a variety of interactive ways.