HSBC x JA Company Programme Innovation Pop-up


Twenty-five S5 students participate in the HSBC x JA Company Programme, an entrepreneurial programme aiming to nurture their entrepreneurship, innovative power, and civic mindset.

With the alarming prevalence of Dementia, the students are dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by individuals with Dementia and their caregivers. They set up a JA student company named Remember Me, aiming to raise the public’s awareness and provide specialized care and support relating to Dementia.

After several months of efforts in capital-raising, researching and prototyping, they proudly presented their innovations to the public for the very first time at K11 Art Mall. The team was required to effectively convey the value and potential of their products to a diverse audience. It offered valuable insights for students, highlighting the importance of perseverance, effective communication, strategic planning, and innovation in the pursuit of entrepreneurial success. Although they did not secure the top spot this time, the fact that they reached the finals is an incredible commplishment in itself.