Geography Talk by Prof. Chan Lung Sang Guest speaker from HKU SPACE Community College


Prof Chan Lung Sang, a renowned expert in earthquakes, geophysics, and geology of Hong Kong, presented a geography talk to Pooikeinians on 23 Jan, 2017.
Earthquake is a natural hazard and it is an important topic in HKDSE Geography studies. Prof Chan introduced the mechanism and causes of earthquakes, and compared the major earthquake events of recent years including the Sumatra tsunami in 2004, the Sichuan earthquake in 2008 and the recent Japan earthquake in 2011. He also shared with us on how he pursued the career as a geologist and told us the promising prospects of a geologist. It was a precious opportunity for Pooikeinians to learn geographical knowledge from a well-known professor. This talk made our day fruitful.
Figure 1. Prof Chan Lung-sang talked about the locations of earthquakes in the past decade.
Figure 2 Pooikeinians enjoyed the geography talk.
Figure 3. Our Vice Principal, Ms Cindy Yuen, presented the souvenirs to guest speaker, Prof Chan Lung-sang.