Current Affairs Club Activities – RTHK Headliner 25th Anniversary Concert


Liberal Studies students and Current Affairs Club members were invited to take part in the Headliner 25th Anniversary Concert produced by Radio Hong Kong on 31st March 2014. Headliner is a political and current affairs program characterized by sarcastic comments on current social maladies.
Since the broadcast in 1989, the program had been witnessing the changes of Hong Kong society. To celebrate the 25th anniversary, Radio HK had prepared a show called “Headliner 25th Anniversary Concert”. Apart from some popular talk show hosts like Cuson Law, Lam Chiu Wing (nicknamed Superman) and Ng Chi-sam, a number of celebrities were invited as guests including Albert Cheng (Chairperson of Digital Broadcasting Corporation HK Ltd), Audrey Yu (Chairman of the Civic Party, former member of the Legislative Council), Ricky Wong (Chairman of HKTV) and Robert Chung (Director of Public Opinion Program at the University of Hong Kong), etc. Students were able to enjoy a show full of ironic and critical comments which can inspire them a lot.
Group photo with the hosts of the Concert.
Students with Audrey Yu, Chairman of the Civic Party, former member of the Legislative Council
Group photo of all the hosts and guests of the Concert.
Students posted in the backdrops of the Concert.
Students in the RTHK studio.
Students having happy moments in RTHK’s canteen.
Admission ticket of the Concert.
Logos of the Concert.