BookCrossing 2012-2013


BookCrossing 2012-2013
15 April 2013 – 24 April 2013
二零一三年四月十五日 至 二零一三年四月二十四日
為響應世界閱讀日,以及鼓勵學生閱讀,本年度圖書館續辦漂書活動! 校長、全體教職員、工友,以及同學們都十分踴躍參加,「放漂」好書,並填寫「漂書心意卡」,共享閱讀樂趣,以書會友!
Share your meaningful book with others! In order to respond to the World Book Day, this year, the library held the book crossing event again! All of the participants including principals, teachers, janitors and students crossed their books to connect among each other and share the joy!
Librarians were waiting for anyone, got your books prepared?
Board? Book crossing voucher? Book crossing coupon? Service is ready! Let’s welcome the grand opening of Book Crossing Event!
Ms Yuen is writing her “Book Crossing Card” with all the blessings and her lessons learnt in her reading journeys which awaits the recognition of the new owners of her books.
Not only books are carried across in this event but the love of reading and passing on of stories and experience are also precious sharing among participants.
3 shelves filled with books collected from staff and students comprising a small library of wisdom and joy of reading.
Mr. Edmond Shiu discussing with students delightfully about the books they crossed.
Books are natural bonds between students and teachers as shown by how Mr. Sean Yu is enjoying the selection of books with a student.
This is the end of one reading journey but a commencement of another experience. This tradition will be passed on and see you everywhere!