Anson Chan School Talk Tour Programme


To enhance students’ understanding of the democratic and constitutional development of Hong Kong and to widen learning opportunities, the Liberal Studies Department and the Integrated Humanities Department organized the “Anson Chan School Talk Tour Program” on 11th October, 2011. It was a great pleasure to have our honorable and distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Anson Chan to deliver a talk and share her political experiences and views with our students, students and parents in the forum. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Chan for her honorable presence and inspiring speech.
Mr. Timothy Li, Mr. Genthew Leung, Dr. Ruby Cheung, Dr. Anson Chan,
Ms. Siu Wai Yeung, Ms. Winnie Chiang (From left to right)
Teachers, students and parents joined the programme together.
Dr. Anson Chan shared her views on the democratic development of Hong Kong.
Students’ gift to Dr. Anson Chan
Dr. Anson Chan and our Principal, Mr. Peter Yuen.
Dr. Anson Chan and our Vice-Principal, Dr. Ruby Cheung.
Our students joined the forum with Dr. Anson Chan
Dr. Anson Chan and student representatives
Tea gathering with teachers