AFS Intercultural Exchanges Local Hosting Programme


AFS Intercultural Exchanges Local Hosting Programme
29 February 2012
To promote international exchange opportunities and to enhance the harmony of different races, the Global Education Team organized the “AFS Local Hosting Programme Promotion” on 29th February, 2012. We were delighted to have invited Miss Diana Law from AFS Intercultural Exchanges and Maddalena DEL PRINCIPE, an Italian exchange student who is spending 1 year in Hong Kong and studying in Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School. Miss Law introduced AFS and local hosting program, Maddalena shared her experience in studying in Hong Kong and her life with her host family. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to their presence and valuable sharing.
Miss Jacy Chuang, Miss Queenby Tang, Mr. Tim Li, Miss Rachel Li, Maddalena,
Vice-principal Dr. Ruby Cheung, Miss Law (From left to right)
Maddalena shared her experience of living in a host family and adapting her new life in Hong Kong.
Maddalena’s sharing on the exchange experience in Hong Kong organized by AFS Intercultural
Students and teachers attended the assembly with patience and appreciation.
Maddalena and her Chinese family.
She shared her novel experience in Hong Kong which spiced up her life.
Tea gathering with Maddalena and Miss Law.
Miss Rachel Li, Mr. Tim Li, Miss Jacy Chuang, Vice-principal Dr. Ruby Cheung, Maddalena,