1st Runner Up in Wofoo MEP XVIII


Six S4 students have joined the Wofoo Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme (MEP XVIII). MEP XVIII’s topic focuses on the social issues about “Clothing, Food, Home Living and Transportation”, which aims at cultivating students to explore innovative products or services that can benefit the community through a business proposal pitch.

Our school’s team members are as follows:

4L (6) CHOI Chun Hei 4L (12) KWOK Wing Yi
4L (7) CHU Tsun Ting 4L (22) POON Wang Hong
4L (10) HUNG Chun Wing 4L (35) YU Chun Hey


After a series of assessment, our school has won the 1st Runner-Up defeating 31 secondary schools. 4L Chu Tsun Ting, Jaden is praised by the Judges as the Best Speaker for his outstanding presentation.
Presenting ideas to MENS from Stewards, a group of the retired professionals
Final presentation to the Judges
Presenters: Jaden Chu and Matthew Poon from 4 Love
Group photo with Mr. Simon Leung, Ms. Karen Yip (Business Advisor) and Mr. Eddy Chen (Judge)