10th Anniversary Celebration SPKC Leader Forum Series—Global Vision Prof. Shum Xu Hui Simon


The Mission of SPKC is to prepare tomorrow’s leaders with high self-esteem, love and care, globalized vision, uphold life-long learning and Christian values. As one of the highlights of SPKC’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, renowned guest speakers are invited to give a series of talks for all Pooikeians.
In October, we are honoured to have invited Professor Shum Xu Hui, Simon to join our Leader Forum on the topic of Global Vision.
Prof. Shum is a famous scholar in International Studies. After graduating from Queen’s College, Prof. Shum obtained his bachelor and master degree in Yale University. He then furthered his studies in Cambridge University and got his P.H.D. majoring in Government and International Studies. Prof. Shum is currently working as an Associate Professor and Director of Global Studies Programme in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Professor Shum explaining the influences of international relationships in civil movements
Our Vice-Principal, Mr. William Lee (left) and Professor Shum (right) are leading a discussion on international political issues with our students.
During the forum, Prof. Shum has introduced and examined deep and complicated international political situations with easy-to-understand metaphors. He has also inspired our students on how to analyze the recent civil disobedience movement—Occupy Central from various perspectives. For instance, perspective from Beijing China and the comparison of democracy in other countries.

Influences of international political relationships were also discussed and students engaged in the discussion with Prof. Shum during the forum initiatively. It was indeed a fruitful and scholastic experience for Pooikeians.

當天, 沈教授以多角度探討香港最近的民主運動 「佔領中環」。沈教授以深入淺出的手法向同學講解複雜的國際議題,且以北京的觀點,其他國家民主發展歷程等引導同學作多角度思考。是次座談會氣氛熱烈, 同學亦領悟到多角度批判性思考的重要性, 相信對同學個人成長與日後的學習經歷也有莫大碑益。
Students participated actively in the forum
Principal Yuen presented souvenir to Prof. Shum.
Student reporters @ SPKC Campus TV interviewing Prof. Shum after the Forum.