The 2020 AGM of the Alumni Association cum Christmas Online Gathering


   With the devotion and the joint efforts of the 3rd and 4th Executive Committee of Alumni Association, our first ever online AGM was held. The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Alumni Association cum Christmas Online Gathering was held successfully on 27 December 2020. Over 54 teachers and alumni around the world reunited via Zoom in our first virtual AGM. The sharing of Principal Lee and SPKC microfilm – Our Stories kept alumni informed of and interested in the continued development of the school. 


   In the meeting, the annual report and financial report of the 3rd Executive Committee were confirmed and the 4th Executive Committee of Alumni Association was elected. 

   After the meeting, teachers and alumni were able to bond with each other with the warmth of SPKC family, which brought back their memories of laughter and joy. Teachers enjoyed the precious moments to reunite with alumni online.