S1 Integrated Humanities (IH) Current Affairs Quiz Competition 2015-16


To enhance interest and learning motivation of S1 Pooikeians in Integrated Humanities and to raise their awareness on the local and global current issues, S1 I.H. Current Affairs Quiz Competition was held successfully on 25th January, 2016. Our Vice-principal, Mr William Lee and Panel Head of Liberal Studies Department, Ms Miranda Tang, were invited to be our honourable guests of the competition.
It was a valuable educational occasion for all S1 Pooikeians to take part in this challenging current affairs quiz competition as students were capable of acquiring up-to-date and crucial local and global current issues ranging from history, geography, economics, political, public affairs to international news.
Two Masters of Ceremony, Holly Yuen and Heiman Tsang (1 Peace) performed very well and asked every question during the quiz competition carefully.
This quiz competition consisted of 3 major sections including “Compulsory Questions”, “Quick Response Questions” and “Class Participation” in which it provided an interactive and amusing learning atmosphere to strengthen their learning motivation.
The overall atmosphere of the quiz competition was very good among all contestants and S1 students.
15 contestants from each S1 class participated in the quiz competition enthusiastically as they tried their best to response to the questions efficiently. It clearly showed that our S1 Pooikeians are competent in demonstrating their strong sense of current issues and broad global vision.
In the section of “Class Participation”, students answered the questions actively and enthusiastically.
Moreover, the overall atmosphere of the quiz competition was utterly good since a majority of Pooikeians performed well throughout the competition and responded actively in the “Class Participation” section. It is believed that this quiz competition could also raise the learning motivation and unity among students in S1.
1 Faith was awarded 2nd runner-up of the competition. Prize was presented by Ms Miranda Tang
1 Grace was awarded 1st runner-up of the competition. Prize was presented by Ms Miranda Tang
Vice Principal, Mr William Lee, presented the prize to 1 Peace contestants who obtained the Champion of S1 I.H. Current Affairs Quiz Competition
All in all, this quiz competition was effective to motivate our S1 Pooikeians to perform global citizenship and broaden their global vision significantly.