Report on the HKAL Results (2011)


The HKALE (2011) results were generally positive and encouraging. The overall pass and credit rates were 86.3% and 20.6% respectively. The school attained 68.4% of pass in full certificate (two ASL languages and 2 AL subjects) when compared with the territory average of 46.2%.
More specifically, the two core subjects performed equally well, with promising pass rates for both Use of English (96.4%) and Chinese Language and Culture (96.4%). In addition, there were eight subjects in total showing higher pass rates than those in Hong Kong. Among these, Use of English, Chinese Language and Culture, Biology, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Principles of Account and Chinese History were the subjects attaining outstanding performance. In particular, promising subjects with higher credit grades than those in Hong Kong were Use of English (26.8%), Economics (25%), Chemistry (25%), Chinese History (AL 50% and ASL 33%) as well as Principles of Accounts (33.3%).
The best three students are Tse Wai Ki Vickie (Arts and Social Science Stream) with 4As and 1D, Chan Lik Kin Soloman (Arts and Social Science Stream) with 1A, 1B and 2Cs as well as Chow Tsz Kan Ken (Science Stream) with 1A, 1B, 1C and 2Ds.
We thank God for His guidance and grace. Our first cohort of students taking the HKAL examination are strengthened to meet the challenge. May God bless all our graduates and their families in the years to come.
Caption for the photo:
Tse Wai Ki, Vickie (left), Chow Tsz Kan, Ken (middle) & Chan Lik Kin, Soloman (right)