Pooikeinians, Assemble! English Enrichment Activities


To encourage students to develop a self-learning habit in English, the English Department has introduced “Pooikeinians, Assemble!”, a series of new engagement activities this year.

Missions are released every 2 weeks. They range from writing a Christmas card for their teachers to finding time to read a book in the English Zone. After completing the missions, students would receive stickers and when they reach certain milestones, they will receive special prizes as a recognition of their effort and achievements.

Reaching half way through the term, let’s check out some of the good works from our Pooikeinians!

Christmas Mission: Writing a Christmas Card to a teacher

Belle (2J) and Sophie (4P) gave out their Christmas blessings to our lovely teachers.

Venus (4P, right) enjoyed a great time with her friends and teacher.

Bless (2F) and Ashley (2J) wrote a letter to their worst performed subject in Exam 1 and planned out some concrete steps to improve in the future.

Cyrus (4P) and Gabriel (4P) shared with us their favorite Christmas items: A festive Christmas stocking and Christmas tree!

It was great to hear from Joy (2L) and Jasmine (4P) about their plans to save or spend their money from red packets!

Rex (4P) and Hailey (4P) certainly did well in our Parts of Speech Exercise!

The Top 5 classes are 4P, 2J, 2L, 2F and 4F!

Thank you for all students’ support towards “Pooikeinians, Assemble!” and their continuous hard work in learning English. Way to go, Pooikeinians!