Personal Finance Week


BAFS Department organized a Personal Finance Week, from 11 to 15 December 2017, to promote the importance of personal financial management as well as entrepreneurship.
With the cooperation of different teams and departments, a series of activities were successfully held with positive feedback from Pooikeinians. The activities included morning article-reading, book exhibition, lunchtime radio broadcasts, movie appreciation, trial of investment board game, company visit, and, last but not least, S3 3D-printing Mascot Design Voting.
S3 students were voting for their favourite classes in the S3 3D-printing Mascot Design Competition.
A group photo of S3 winning classes with the Principal, Mr. Peter Yuen and BAFS teachers, Mr. Simon Leung and Ms. Jovi Ma
The highlight of this year’s Personal Finance Week was the S3 3D-printing Mascot Design Competition organized jointly by the BAFS and ICT Department. S3 students designed their restaurant mascots based on the promotion tactics learned from BAFS and 3D-modeling technique from ICT. All junior students and teachers could vote for their favourite Mascot designed by the S3 classes. The S3 winning classes were presented with certificates and gifts.
Thanks to the help from Library, reading articles were prepared for all students, sharing the significance of early saving and consumption discipline. Recommended business-related books were displayed in the Library for students’ borrowing.
During lunchtime, students learned personal finance knowledge along with corresponding pop songs during English and Putonghua radio broadcasts. Besides radio broadcasts, they could also watch a range of business-themed television episodes on Campus TV.
Students were reading and borrowing the books chosen from book exhibition.
Students were paying good attention to the Japanese comedy “A Farewell to Jinu”.
Students were playing “Stock Trading Guru” joyfully under the guidance of teachers and S4 BAFS students.
Two activities were prepared for students after-school. A Japanese comedy called “A Farewell to Jinu” was shown to discuss two sides of money through a story of a man suffering from money allergy. Moreover, under the guidance of S4 BAFS students, junior form students played a board game called “Stock Trading Guru” to gain more understanding of Hong Kong stock investment.
A number of S5 BAFS students visited the Training Academy of Chow Tai Fook Jewelry, a listed Hong Kong jewellery retailer. Besides the sharing of company’s background, they also experienced mock interviews and a role-play as a salesperson.
A group photo with students’ and teachers’ smiley faces after visiting Chow Tai Fook Jewelry
S5 students were acting as jewellery salespersons in a simulated sales counter.
S5 students were doing a mock interview in applying different positions in Chow Tai Fook Jewelry.