Leadership training – pave the way for future leaders


Leadership training – pave the way for future leaders
15 November 2010
TIC: Ms Stephanie Chung, Ms WK Yum, Ms Bonnie Lam
The School values on nurturing leader qualities and cultivating leadership skills through diversified training and activities. To echo with the School’s concern, the student leaders, including the Executive Committee Members of Student Union, Committee Members of 4-Houses, Sports Association and Music Association, were offered an opportunity to participate in the “Student Leadership Training Scheme 2010/2011”. The Scheme includes Pre-camp Workshop, Student Leadership Training Camp, Post-camp Sharing Session, Student Leaders Inauguration Ceremony, and other training courses organized throughout the School Year.
In the Pre-camp Workshop, the role, structure and management of all student service units in school were explained to all student leaders by CCA Advisors, so that they could have a full picture of what challenges they are going to face and what they have to prepare for their service units and their own leading positions.
In order to prepare themselves to take up the positions, all student leaders showed their active participation in the 2-days Training Camp; with the professional guidance from the instructors of Crux Professional Limited, the experiential learning was successfully practiced through all kinds of adventure activities.
Debriefing session is the most crucial part of experiential learning. Therefore, in the Post-camp Sharing Session, student leaders had the opportunity to share their reflections of the Camp and further expectations to their service. It helps them to have a better planning and organization when preparing for the activities in the current year.
It is believed that the Student Leaders Inauguration Ceremony was the milestone to the Student Leaders, in which they were officially appointed by the School to the serving position in front of all students
Our student leaders will be nominated to different suitable leadership training courses offered by other professional and experienced organizations so that they can receive continuous trainings and assessments throughout the School Year.
As we hope the student leaders joining the Scheme would be nurtured as real leaders and humble stewards for the school and society, “Student Leadership Training Scheme 2010/2011” is supported by the School’s sponsorship based on the nature, type and objective of leadership training. For their time and effort, let’s show our appreciation and support to all student leaders!