Interim Prize Presentation Ceremony 2022-23


The Interim Prize Presentation Ceremony 2022-23 was held on 10th March, 2023 at the school hall. Awards were presented to students who had remarkable achievements in the first term, namely Academic Progress Award, Subject Award and Academic Award in class and in form. Principal showed his appreciation to all awardees’ hard work and shared his insights on the right attitude towards studies to inspire all students in his opening speech.


Our Assistant Principal Mr. Jimmy Tse presented the Academic Progress Awards to all awardees:

The S.1 to S.5 Subject Awards were presented by our Assistant Principal Ms. Joanna Leung:

Our Assistant Principal Ms. Miranda Tang presented the Academic Awards of Top in Class and congratulated them:

Our Vice-Principal Mr. Samuel Lui presented the Awards of Top Ten in Form Junior:

Our Principal Mr. William Lee presented the Awards of Ten 10 in Form (Senior).

Our alumni Wong Wing Nam had excellent DSE result in 2022. She was awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship and our Principal Mr. William Lee presented the award for her. She is Pooikeinians’ role model who strives for academic excellence with great effort and perseverance.