Admission Briefing Days (I)


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to Stewards Pooi Kei College. The school campus will be opened from now till 5:30pm. You can join our activities from LG to 7/F. You may also join the guided tour on G/F. Enjoy your stay!
Many visitors have come today despite of the heavy rain, for they knew they would be visiting awesome stalls like these…
And trying out fun experiments or being intrigued by demonstrations.
Sometimes, our visitors are put to a physical, intellectual or even aesthetic test.
Don’t worry! Our students are always happy to help and to serve.
You are welcome to visit us tomorrow if you haven’t already done so. Pre-S1 parents can attend the Admission Briefing Session at the hall, which starts at 2:30pm.
But make sure you arrive earlier for a good seat. You can also register for the experiential learning session to give your children a meaningful afternoon.