Voices about Moral and National Education from Pooikeians


培基人論德育及國民教育 (九月,2012)
二零一二年九月六日 至 二零一二年九月十八日
A dispute on the implementation of Moral and National Education (MNE) strikes Hong Kong recently. It is a controversial issue and many scholars, organizations; elites hold different views on it. In order to provide a platform for Pooikeians to raise their ideas, several activities have been carried out by our PSHE teachers and it successfully enhances students’ awareness and understanding on this issue.
I. Boards about the Moral and National Education-「究竟搞邊科?」
一. 論德育及國民教育展板-「究竟搞邊科?」
Several boards were made since 6/9/2012 to serve as a platform for students to voice out their comments about MNE. Some news reports and sharing of scholars with different views were printed out and stuck on the boards for the sake of providing some basic information for our students. Pictures taken by journalists of the protests were shown on the boards too. Standardized papers, pens, staplers were all given. Students were encouraged to voice out their opinions.
Many sharing and comments from students and teachers were stuck on the boards related to MNE.
In order to nurture their responsibility over their speeches, personal information such as student name and class must be written on the paper before sticking it on the board. At last, many students and even teachers participated in this activity and the boards were full of papers with comments.
All the comments were written and stuck by students themselves.
Different views from scholars and organizations were provided.
Seeing is believing.
II. IH Forum about MNE
二. 綜合人文科研討會-究竟搞邊「科」之論德育及國民教育
IH Forum was held at lunchtime in IH Room on 18 September. We were glad to invite our Chinese History Teacher Mr. Leung Hing Lok to be our guest and had some sharing and discussion with our students. On that day, around 50 students joined the forum. Mr. Leung generally analyzed the cause and course of the campaign against MNE. Student representative 5 Peace Ariel Law shared her views too. Students participated in the forum actively and asked for lots of questions.
Mr. Leung Hing Lok and Ariel were going to have sharing.
Many students joined the forum.
Mr. Henry Chan, our teacher MC.