Triple Your Reading Speed in 30 Minutes!


A renowned speeding-reading coach in town, came to our school to conduct two speed-reading training workshops to our students. The workshop was called ‘Triple Your Reading Speed in 30 Minutes’. The workshop for junior students was held on 22nd September, 2014; the workshop for senior students was held on 29th September, 2014.
翁信固先生 ── 一位著名的速讀學者,分別於九月二十二日及九月二十九日蒞臨敝校,舉行兩次名為「三十分鐘提升三倍閱讀速度」的工作坊。
Mr Jung is the founder of Whole Brain Learning Centre. Since 1989, he has devoted himself in unleashing the potential of our brain power to boost one’s learning and productivity. Apart from spreading his teaching on the radio and in books, he is a coach of Dale Carnegie Course and has been a guest lecturer for ‘Whole Brain Learning’ course organized by the University of Hong Kong.
Trying to apply what they have just learnt, our senior form students were reading voraciously to test their reading speed!
Look! Both our teachers and our students have turned into ‘reading machines’ at the same time, in the same place!
The school was mesmerized by the positive energy of our speaker!
Let’s hope that our schoolmates will remember what they have learnt in the workshop and enjoy reading more efficiently in the future.
‘Reading opens a window to the world, a path to the future.’
Let’s read to a brighter future!