Thanksgiving Card Designing Competition 2021-2022


Our school’s Arts Association organized a Thanksgiving Card Design Competition in the Gospel Month in December, 2021. The cards were designed by 1L (30) Wong Lok Sam and 3L (30) Yim Wing Ting Cindy, the winners of the Thanksgiving Card Design Competition held in October. Congratulations to the winners!

Description of Wong Lok Sam’s design:

Since Thanksgiving is in Autumn, the main colour of my theme is orange. Therefore, after looking at some photos for inspiration, I drew a pumpkin, the symbol of thanksgiving. The background is purple because it’s one of the colours that shows good contrast with orange.

Description of Yim Wing Ting’s design:
In the sentence “a special thanksgiving card for you”, there is the abbreviation of our school’s name ‘SPKC’ which I have written in capital letters.