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Liberal Studies students and Current Affairs Club members were invited to take part in the City Forum produced by Radio HK held on 1st March 2015.
The issue for discussion is The 2015-16 Budget. Guests of different background like economists, members of political parties and social concern group gave their views on how well the public fund is allocated. Our students were given editorials to prepare for the Forum before the Forum.
One student was given a chance to raise a question. He seized the opportunity to ask the guests to comment on the possibility of filibuster being used by opponents to veto the Budget in the Legislative Council. Students reflected that it is an eye-opening experience which increases their understanding of the Budget.
The setting of the City Forum in Carpenter Road Park
All student participants in the City Forum.
Owen Kwok of 4 Peace raised a question to the guests.
Students and the anchor of City Forum, TSE Chi Fung, Joseph.