To nurture tomorrow’s leaders with character and intelligence, a summer prefect training provided by the School and our Education Partner – Ocean Dynamic Adventure Association was held on 21-24 July. During these four days, prefects learnt about the mission and vision of the prefect team.

Our prefects got to know more about each other and built a stronger bonding with one another through playing ice-breaking games. After learning more about their teammates, they immediately got hands-on experience through on-the-job training. Senior prefects gave instructions and detailed explanations about the job duties to the new prefects.

Our head prefects wrapped up for the day with a Kahoot Quiz to test how much prefects know about the prefect team.

Ex-Head Prefect shared his experience with the new prefects.

Through experiential learning, new prefects reflected upon their strengths and weaknesses to boost their self-esteem, problem solving and leadership skills. They also learnt how to work as one team and showcase team discipline in the games. 


Playing adventurous games was one of the highlights of the activity. All of our prefects successfully conquered their fear to complete the mission, which aligned with the aim of enhancing our prefects’ adversity quotient (AQ).

The summer prefect training is just the beginning of their journey, we believe they are and will be great servant leaders in the future and shed light on other schoolmates’ path at SPKC with their extraordinary prowers.