Student Union Family Meeting


Every year, all Pooikeians will have Family Meeting to discuss and express their views towards school policies and arrangement so as to make the school a better one and let every Pooikeian understand each other more.
This year, three Family Meetings were held. During the meetings, wide varieties of questions about the school were asked and our vice-principal, Mr. William Lee patiently explained the school policies and other Pooikeians’ concerns with students and marked down the questions for follow up.
Also, chairperson of Student Union, Chin Ho Leung (5P), reported the activities held in the past few months, and the vice-chairperson, Chan Ying Sin (5L), promoted the upcoming activities to all Pooikeians in the meeting.
Besides, in the Senior Form Family Meetings, alumni shared the life of their studies to their young brothers and sisters and in the Meeting of S.2-3, information about S.4 subject selection was given to S.3 students.
Senior form family meeting – Question and Answer Session
Alumni were sharing their post-DSE experience with their young brothers and sisters.
Mr. William Lee, our Vice-Principal, was answering students’ questions.
The vice-chairperson of Student Union was promoting the upcoming activities.